"Inside Out:

A Teen's Guide To Emotional Wellness"

The Current Reality

Are you concerned about your teen’s mental health and emotional well-being? You’re not alone.

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, adolescents are facing unprecedented challenges, leading to alarming rates of sadness, hopelessness, and even suicidal thoughts.

According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the statistics are truly alarming:

  • 3 in 5 teenage girls reported feeling persistently sad and hopeless in the past year.

  • 30% of teens have seriously considered suicide.

  • 13% have attempted suicide.

  • The numbers are even more staggering for L.G.B.T.Q.+ kids, with 2/3 feeling persistent sadness, 45% having thoughts of suicide, and 22% having attempted suicide.

These numbers are deeply concerning. Our teens are navigating a world that’s more complex, demanding, and challenging than ever before.

And while schools are great at teaching algebra, geography, and literature, they’re not always delivering what our kids really need – emotional intelligence, resilience, and the ability to navigate life’s ups and downs.

Teens need tools for emotional wellness. They need strategies for setting boundaries, dealing with stress, and understanding their worth. And you know what? The curriculum often falls short.

But there is hope. Inside Out: A Teens Mental Health Workbook is here to empower your teen and guide them towards a path of balanced mental health.

Teenage boy detached and struggling with relationship

It’s no secret that adolescence can be an emotional rollercoaster. Many teens struggle with overwhelming emotions, difficulty in building positive relationships, low self-esteem, and a lack of coping skills.

Here are some common problems your teen may be experiencing:

  1. Feeling Lost and Overwhelmed: Teens often struggle with understanding their emotions and navigating the complex world around them.
  2. Negative Relationships and Bullying: Your teen might be dealing with toxic friendships, bullying, or social isolation, affecting their self-worth and confidence.
  3. Pressure and Stress: Academic pressure, future uncertainties, and the burden of expectations can lead to high stress levels, anxiety, and burnout.
  4. Self-Identity and Acceptance: Many adolescents grapple with questions about their self-worth, personal strengths, and weaknesses, hindering their growth and happiness.
  5. Lack of Direction: Exploring future career paths and setting achievable goals can be challenging for teens who feel unsure about their interests and aspirations.

Inside Out: A Teen’s Mental Health Workbook provides a comprehensive roadmap to help your teen navigate these challenges and develop the skills necessary to lead a fulfilling life.

By using this workbook, your teen will:

Set Boundaries:

Learn how to establish healthy boundaries, creating a safe and supportive environment.



Graphic of person's head with emojis of emotions

Understand Emotions:

Develop emotional intelligence and gain a deeper understanding of their feelings, leading to better self-awareness and regulation.

Icon of 2 people holding or shaking hands with heart between them signifying a healthy relationship

Build Positive Relationships:

Discovery strategies for fostering healthy relationships and navigating conflicts effectively, creating a strong support network.

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Identify Stressors & Develop Coping Skills:

Learn techniques to identify and manage stressors, promoting resilience and emotional well-being.

Icon of person hugging themself with heart on the side signifying self-worth

Recognize Their Worth:

Develop self-compassion, boost self-esteem, and cultivate a positive self-image, enabling your teen to realize their true worth.


Thumbs up and thumbs down icon referring to strengths and weaknesses

Explore Strengths & Weaknesses:

Discover their unique strengths and weaknesses, empowering them to leverage their abilities and overcome challenges.

Icon of person walking down road with destination flag at the end of the road

Explore Career & Success Goals:

Navigate the path towards future success by exploring different career options, setting achievable goals, and crafting a fulfilling life plan.

Flip Through A Sample Of The Workbook

Workbook Topics Include:

Discovering And Setting Boundaries
How To Build Positive Relationships
Identifying Stressors And Developing Coping Strategies
Know Your Worth
Exploring Your Strengths And Opportunities For Improvement
Create Your Career And Success Plan
30 Self-Discovery Journaling Prompts

A Few Words From Our Happy Clients

The Final Outcome

Yoga pose icon

Imagine your teen confidently setting boundaries and standing up for themselves

Like Sarah, who used to struggle with saying no to friends who constantly asked for her homework help. After completing “Inside Out,” she learned how to assert her boundaries politely, and now she has more time for her own studies and hobbies.

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Picture your teen navigating their emotions with ease, expressing themselves openly

Just like Alex, who used to bottle up his feelings. Now, he talks openly with his parents about his worries, leading to a stronger and more trusting family bond.

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Visualize your teen forming deep, meaningful friendships

Think of Emily, who always felt left out at school. “Inside Out” helped her build her self-esteem and communication skills. She now has a close-knit group of friends who cherish her for who she is.

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Envision your teen identifying stressors and using practical coping skills

Consider Jake, who used to get extremely anxious before exams. With the stress-management techniques from “Inside Out,” he now faces tests with confidence and performs better academically.

Yoga pose icon

See your teen recognizing their own worth and radiating self-confidence

Like Mia, who once struggled with low self-esteem. After working through “Inside Out,” she now walks tall, excels in her extracurricular activities, and confidently applies for leadership roles.

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Picture your teen embracing their strengths and weaknesses

Take Daniel, for example, who discovered his talent for public speaking through the workbook. Now, he actively participates in school debates and dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Yoga pose icon

Imagine your teen setting clear career and success goals

Just like Maya, who was uncertain about her future. “Inside Out” guided her in exploring her passions, and she’s now on track to pursue a career in environmental science, aligning with her love for nature.

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Visualize your teen journaling about their daily experiences

Think of Liam, who used to bottle up his emotions. Now, he journals daily, gaining clarity on his feelings and finding joy in self-reflection. This newfound mindfulness has improved his overall well-being.

Who Is This For?

“Inside Out” is designed with teenagers aged 13 to 18 in mind, making it ideal for adolescents who are navigating the complexities of their teenage years. If you have a teenager who:

  • Struggles with managing stress and emotions.
  • Finds it challenging to communicate effectively with peers and family.
  • Is grappling with issues related to self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Wants to build resilience and navigate the ups and downs of adolescence with confidence.
  • Is in search of direction and clarity when it comes to their future goals.
  • simply wants to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth

“Inside Out” isn’t just for teenagers; it’s for parents, too. If you want to foster open communication with your teen, better understand their challenges, and support their journey to emotional well-being, this workbook can serve as a valuable bridge for meaningful conversations.

It’s a resource for families who believe in equipping teenagers with the tools they need to succeed in the complex world of today.

Testimonials From Happy Clients

"I learned several insights and new habits that I practice daily. These new practices have fundamentally changed my perspective, not only in the way I relate to the world, but how I sit within myself." - Rebecca Newton

"I had the fortune of being invited to participate in a happiness group lead by Antonia Banewicz during the beginnings of the Covid 19 pandemic. In hindsight, it felt like it saved my life. I would highly recommend her as a coach, to anyone who is seeking clarity or direction in their life." - Regina Mcloughlin

"Antonia’s coaching was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my abilities to find happiness in my life. I enjoyed the ways that she brought out tips and strategies that are backed by current social science research on happiness. I found all of the worksheets helpful because I enjoyed the process of writing down my thoughts while talking them through during my sessions. I knew I was feeling happier when I started to enjoy things that I usually enjoy but hadn’t done in a while-such as creating music, going for more walks, etc." - Michelle Smith

"I was able to look at habitualized behavior that was not serving me for future goals and daily habits that were setting up my day in a positive mindset. I am grateful to the tools and techniques to incorporate in my daily life that permeates my day." - Jaye-Anne Sartoretto

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is "Inside Out: A Teens Guide to Emotional Wellness" all about?

This workbook is a comprehensive guide designed to empower teenagers to enhance their emotional well-being, build self-esteem, and develop positive communication skills. It provides practical tools and exercises to navigate the challenges of adolescence and achieve personal growth.

How will this workbook benefit my teen?

“Inside Out” equips your teen with essential life skills such as setting boundaries, understanding emotions, building positive relationships, managing stress, and identifying their self-worth. These skills are crucial for their overall well-being and success in life.

Is this workbook suitable for all teenagers?

Absolutely! “Inside Out” is tailored for teenagers aged 13-18, making it ideal for adolescents who are navigating the complexities of their teenage years. It offers guidance and exercises that resonate with the challenges and experiences common to this age group.

What if my teen doesn't like digital products?

We understand that digital products aren’t for everyone. The workbook is easy to print out and use. However, “Inside Out” is designed to be user-friendly and engaging, even for those less accustomed to digital materials. Plus, the digital format allows for easy access and portability on various devices.

Is there a refund policy for this digital product?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for digital products. However, we are committed to providing value and are here to support you and your teen throughout their journey with “Inside Out.” If you encounter any issues or have questions, please reach out to our customer support team, and we’ll do our best to assist you promptly.

Can parents use this workbook alongside their teens?

Absolutely! “Inside Out” is designed to foster open communication between parents and teens. You can engage in discussions and activities together, creating a supportive environment for personal growth and well-being.

How often should my teen use this workbook to see results?

The frequency of workbook use can vary from person to person. To see meaningful results, we recommend using “Inside Out” regularly, perhaps a few times a week. Consistency in practicing the exercises and techniques will lead to the best outcomes.

Is "Inside Out" suitable for teens dealing with specific challenges like anxiety or depression?

While “Inside Out” provides valuable tools for enhancing emotional well-being, it is not a substitute for professional mental health care. If your teen is experiencing severe challenges such as anxiety or depression, we recommend seeking the guidance of a qualified mental health professional in addition to using the workbook.

My teen doesn't like printable workbooks. Is "Inside Out" fillable on digital devices?

Absolutely! “Inside Out” is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. It’s not just printable; it’s also completely fillable on digital devices. Your teen can type directly into the workbook using their phone, tablet, or computer. This digital feature allows for a seamless and interactive experience, making it easier for them to engage with the material and track their progress effortlessly. So, whether your teen prefers the tactile feel of paper or the convenience of digital, “Inside Out” accommodates their learning style.

Can I flip through a sample of what the workbook looks like?

Inside Out serves as a trusted companion, guiding them to develop the necessary life’s also includes 30 thought-provoking journaling prompts at the end of the workbook, designed to encourage self-reflection, creativity, and personal growth. These prompts provide a safe space for your teen to express their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations, fostering a deeper connection with their inner selves.

Mental Health Coach

I’m Antonia Banewicz.

As a Happiness Coach and the owner of Brighter Better Days, I am dedicated to guiding others on their journey to joy.

My company specializes in the Science of Happiness, offering both impactful coaching and innovative digital products. This path holds a personal significance for me, as I’ve overcome severe depression, and now, I’m passionate about sharing the tools that transformed my life.

My background is rich and diverse. I’ve taught communication at NYU and Columbia University, honed my skills in training and development, and excelled as a Chief People Officer.

I am a certified Mindset Coach through Symbiosis Coaching, Inc., and I’m currently enhancing my knowledge with a certification in the Science of Happiness from the University of California at Berkeley.

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