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The Happiness Life Secrets Package


Private Coaching Calls

Eight private hour-long weekly coaching calls so you’re not doing any of this alone.



Resource Kit

Happiness Resource kit, one Workbook, one Happiness Journal to help you learn how to move to your new life and take action so your days will consistently get brighter.
($1550 Value)


Accountability Calls

4 SOS Calls so you have help just when you need it most.  ($408 Value)


Journal Prompts

Daily text communication journal prompts, so you can feel grateful and take small steps that eventually make big changes. ($227 Value)

Only 3 spots left

And there’s more…

During the 8 weeks,

Get 1 Bonus session

with an Emotional Intelligence Assessment and a book, critical skills to be aware of, to ensure you are getting the Happy Life Results! ($372 Value)

Total Package Value:  $372 Bonus + $2185 = $2557

Your Investment: Only $1497


Only 3 spots left

How it works?

When you click the button below, you’ll fill out a brief form and then you’ll be sent to my calendar to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. We’ll use this time to chat about your needs, ensure we’re a perfect fit and this coaching program is definitely right for you!

Here’s the deal:

To be happy you need to know the techniques and mindset. (Yes, I know your sister or brother may have been born happy, but that’s not you.) You’re trying your best everyday but you can’t break through:

Nothing seems to be working (or maybe you’ve stopped trying and feel resigned to a sad life…)

It’s like you see other people who seem to be together and content and you keep asking “Why me? What am I missing?”


Looking forward to waking up.


Having fun with your family and friends.


Doing the hobbies and activities you used to enjoy.


Laughing again because you actually find the humor in life.


Finding meaning and purpose again.

So what’s stopping you? What are the instructions on how to live life that everyone seemed to get but you?

The Truth is

You are not alone.
Many people are struggling with feeling down and low. They just don’t know how to get out of it.
I know. You’re over it. You’re ready to try anything to make you feel better.

Buuuuuttt… There are Happiness Secrets:


Concepts that you apply to your daily life.


Ways of looking at the world that are different from the way you see it now.


Positive relationships (with yourself first) then with others.

Work with me and I’ll show you the secrets to Brighter Better

Say Goodbye To The Bad Days:

Better Times Are Here.

Only 3 spots left

“I’ve worked with many shining stars in my day but Antonia should have a constellation named after her. Antonia took a non-existent training department and brought life, humor and the joy of learning into it. She is compassionate and truly brings out the best in people. Her efforts and well laid out plans/projects will continue to support the employees for the lifetime of the organization.”

Doreen Forde
Community Manager at Regus

“Antonia has been one of the more impactful Sterling employees over the past three years. It has been a pleasure and an excellent learning experience for me to watch someone show up to work day in and day out with a motivation and attitude that is difficult to match. Antonia built the learning and development group from the ground up and changed the way Sterling looks at its employees. Without Antonia’s contributions Sterling would not be the same and I am pleased to have worked with her.”

John Devine
Chief Support Officer, NYC Transit

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