The Science of Happiness.

Go from feeling sad and blue to hopeful and happy.

Use the Science of Happiness and
start feeling better right away.

So the truth is: you’re feeling low, down, and you’re trying to beat the blues…

But that isn’t easy when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed.

You’re the kind of person who has it good on the outside. You’re successful at whatever project you undertake at work and you can even supervise a home renovation or prepare a hip dinner party. You have the living space, the car, the job, the family and friends… and you don’t care. None of it makes you happy anymore.


You’re around people all day and going through the motions of being a friend, but you feel isolated because you’re not actually connecting.


You try to eat healthy or workout at the gym, but quickly get overwhelmed and break out into tears because everything feels hard and you’re losing hope.


You manage to get out of bed in the morning, but it takes all you’ve got because you’re exhausted by all these emotions.


You put on a smile for your kids and spouse and tell your friends everything is fine, but you wish you could stay home and disappear because you feel like you’re losing it and that seems like the truth… (…the truth is you’re a hero for making it through this depression.)


You’re doing everything you can to manage your responsibilities, but inside you’re falling apart and struggling to keep going. You can’t seem to get out of your head, constantly worrying about the past and what didn’t happen or worrying about the future and what could happen. You want to FEEL good and you’re desperate to have better days.


You know that there is a way out of this.

You know that you want brighter days.

You know that it’s time to start living a happier life.

I want you to know,
I’ve been there.

I had a cushy job and it seemed like things were working to the outside world. But I was putting on a brave face, tears-of-a-clown kinda thing. I was intensely sad. What I thought I wanted wasn’t making me happy. I wasn’t truly living. I was merely existing! I cried to the point where I couldn’t cry anymore. I was out of hope, out of options, or so I thought…

It took a wake-up call from a man I didn’t even know who gave me some tough love to make me CHOOSE not to live like this anymore; to CHOOSE to be happy. And I never looked back…

Welcome to your happy life:


You head home after spending a great evening out celebrating a special occasion with friends and smile because you are deeply connecting again.


You hit the gym before work, tackle that big project and still have energy to cook a healthy dinner when you get home because your future is bright and everything seems easy.


You slide out of bed in the morning the first time your alarm goes off because you’re looking forward to the day and filled with gratitude.


You smile and laugh authentically with your friends and family because things are better than ever and you actually feel alive again.

You can do all these things and more because you are using the tools of happiness.



Be Grateful!

I would recommend Antonia. She listens very well and uses exercises for mental, emotional and spiritual maturing. These three tied together are the key to happiness. I have had therapy before but no one has been able to provide improvements in all three categories for me. Antonia also remembers exactly what you told her from sessions a few weeks ago which is refreshing. I learned that my feelings are triggered by self pity and feeling of guilt. I found the learning concepts useful, especially the exercise of having family, friends and coworkers write emails on what they appreciated about me. I loved the coaching process. By writing down and focusing on 3 things per day that I am grateful for my mind shifted away from stinking thinking to positive I can do anything thoughts. I started to wake up in the morning excited about the day. Even doing mundane tasks like food shopping, laundry and chores excite me now. I was able to launch my business, get off using Facebook a few hours and day and become more productive at work.

Her coaching and help is highly personal and professional and leaves you not only feeling hopeful but having a game plan to accomplish goals.

Scott Donachie
Founder and Owner of Zero Waste Events

Antonia Banewicz is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive and wise.  Her questions are thoughtful, She listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what can hold us back or move us forward. She has helped me build the confidence and clarity I needed to take risks and unlock my potential.  I highly recommend Antonia to anyone looking for a coach who will create a positive, nurturing and common-sense space to support your personal and professional development. I am looking forward to exploring new horizons with Antonia.  She has inspired me to take risks and instilled the confidence that I can live the life I envision.

Jaye-Anne Sartoretto
Senior Academic Advisor, CUNY

A drumroll please…

The Happy Life Secrets

An 8-week mindset coaching program that replaces depression and all its components with happiness, joy and self love so you can feel upbeat about your days; create the vision of your new future and love your life again.

Say goodbye to feeling gray and invisible and
hello to your very own brighter, better days.

The Happy Life Secrets Package  is all about taking consistent, small steps to overcome negative, depressed thinking and applying the science of living a happier life.

Wait a sec.

I bet you’re thinking, “This may have worked for her but how can I be sure it’ll work for me. My case is unique.”

I hear you. I thought I was unique, too and incurable. But I found scientific proven ways of living that work to increase happiness regardless of the unique circumstances of your life. And I now have a whole new lease on life and it’s lasted through thick and thin.

I’m Antonia Banewicz, and I was living with depression. I had the appearance of a cool life but inside I was hitting my own personal bottom. And it wasn’t pretty. I longed to feel good inside but nothing seemed to work. And after being told by a man in a spiritual center that didn’t know me and looked me straight in the eyes, it seemed as if he saw into my soul. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was too good to let those negative thoughts get me down, and I vowed to find a way out, a way through. That very night, I got down on my knees, knelt and whispered “Universe, please help me. Help me.”

I got help. So I took years of being in 12-step programs, therapy, spiritual programs and self-help trainings and I started to study the attributes of happy people. And you know what? They weren’t all successful millionaires without a care in the world, jetting about, traveling to exotic places, having the best cars and clothes and clubs. They were people, just like you and me, who had learned some basic principles for how to enjoy life. There is a science to being happy. There are certain steps that you can learn and apply. And I would be honored to take this new walk with you and to help you apply these simple steps to a new brighter life.

I’ve learned how to overcome feeling down and gray to living a life full of happiness and joy. If I can do it, anyone can!

The Happiness Life Secrets Package


Private Coaching Calls

Eight private hour-long weekly coaching calls so you’re not doing any of this alone.



Resource Kit

Happiness Resource kit, one Workbook, one Happiness Journal to help you learn how to move to your new life and take action so your days will consistently get brighter.


Accountability Calls

4 SOS Calls so you have help just when you need it most.  


Journal Prompts

Daily text communication journal prompts, so you can feel grateful and take small steps that eventually make big changes. 

How it works?

When you click the button below, you’ll fill out a brief form and then you’ll be sent to my calendar to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. We’ll use this time to chat about your needs, ensure we’re a perfect fit and this coaching program is definitely right for you!


I have some money, but I’m definitely on a budget and already paying for things like therapy that aren’t cheap.. Can I really afford this?

The cost of this program is about as affordable as a weekend vacation, and, while you certainly could use a break, investing in this program now will allow you to create a life you love so that break from the stress lasts much longer than just one long weekend. This is certainly an investment to consider seriously, and payment plans are available to fit your budget. I suspect continuing to struggle with feeling low and sad is what you really can’t afford.

My schedule is full with work and home commitments right now. How much time would it take to complete the program each week?

I understand that you have a lot on your schedule already so I’ve designed our work together to be very efficient. Our weekly calls will be one hour and you should plan for an additional hour each week to  complete the homework exercises. I suggest setting aside 20 – 30 minutes for meditation, reflection and journaling each day depending on what works best for you. Our work together is designed to help you feel happier which usually means more energy and motivation, allowing you to create more time in your daily life.

I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression and am seeing a therapist. Is this program still for me?

The Science of Happiness is a great compliment to traditional therapy. You should definitely continue your treatment and follow the medical advice of your doctor. Our work together will focus on your mindset, lifestyle and daily habits. It can be very successful combined with your medical treatment, but it is not a substitute. If you’re not sure you’re ready to add coaching on top of your treatment, book a complimentary consultation and we can discuss your specific needs and if this is the right timing.

More than anything, what I really want for you is the happy life I’ve personally found for myself. But look (and you know this) — nothing changes unless you do. None of us ever feel quite ready to take a big leap. But if we’re truly committed to bringing our visions and dreams to life, we must take decisive action today.

Your thoughts and emotions can be the key parts of you that make you feel good. Your new life can be filled with love, compassion, acceptance, meaning and gratitude. You CAN have a life you love.

If you’re ready to stop feeling hopeless and start feeling happy, then I’m ready to support you on that journey.

Let’s do this together!

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After a couple of unsuccessful meetings during our companies venture capital raising rounds, one thing was clear. My lack of communication skills was adversely affecting these meetings. Oblivious to me, but extremely clear to my business partners these things were pointed out to me and to remedy the situation they proceeded to hire Antonia Banewicz. Not looking to be in detriment to my company I was eager to start working on my communications skills with Antonia, Antonia immediately identified the areas on which my communication was in dire need of improvement and proceeded to give me some very clear and clever ways of communicating with people who did not necessarily share my ways of thinking. She also gave me some much-needed soft skills, which have helped me reduce my bluntness. Together with her, we identified my bad habits or correcting people on minor details, interrupting people when they said something which was minutely wrong and improved my ways of interacting with people who used their emotions to make decisions instead of logic and reasoning.

These changes have had a tremendous positive impact on my professional career and personal life, my business partners are no longer worried about me negatively impacting negotiations during a meeting, my friends have also pointed out how my bluntness has diminished and I’ve had much more success cultivating relationships, with the opposite sex.

Gabriel Echegorri

When I contacted Antonia I was struggling to move away from the day to day project management role into a program manager and portfolio lead. I needed guidance to help me transition and tools to really implement influence and change at the top levels of the organization. That was my main focus when engaging Antonia as a business coach. 

Antonia was very receptive and listened carefully to how I was working and the areas that I needed to focus on. By following her coaching I was able to see immediate change within the way I interacted with my peers and the influence I had on others by implementing some small changes. I really enjoyed working with Antonia through the process and we built a nice rapport over the phone. None of our sessions felt like school and homework, they felt organic and engaging. Antonia’s approach to me as an individual was the best part of her coaching. The concepts that we worked on have been invaluable to me now and I use them on a weekly basis. For example I look at my goals from week to week and review them to see what I did well and what I could have done better. I get to really continue using the tools in my new toolbox thanks to Antonia’s coaching. I would highly recommend Antonia for your own business growth and personal exploration.

Oscar Vasquez
Vice President in the Technology Division, Deutsche Bank

Thank you so much Antonia! I highly recommend Antonia as a life coach. She offered concrete tools and plans of action to guide me through my personal goals. She is trustworthy, encouraging and a patient, insightful coach. She helped me move towards more clarity in my next steps!

Cevil Joyce
Design Director at Estee Lauder, NYC

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