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I’m Antonia

I’m a Happiness Coach.

I help folks, like you, who are feeling low, start to have better days, so you can feel hopeful and happy again. If you want to know why I care, it’s because I have been through those days myself much too frequently, my friend.

I know you’re awesome and have so much to give the world, if only you could sift through that fog that gets you down. You are tired of feeling blue and living small.

Well, lucky for you, there are concrete steps you can take starting now to feel good again… but, like always, it’s not just the wave of a magic wand….

The Low down??

It takes some courage to change the way we feel and think.
And that fear to change can keep us paralyzed in our current state of depression.

That’s me ready to help you.

If you’re totally honest, who wants to change? Change is scary! “Heck, no”, you’re thinking. “I’ll do that tomorrow or next week or in my next life. At least I know this downer-place I’m in. I’m not ready to leave this comfort zone.”

The Upside??


You are not alone.


There are easy steps you will know and take.


You can and will start to have brighter, better days.

BUT, you’ll wanna get cozy and comfy with your new fav word:

You’ll want to take action now before you get too overwhelmed by the fear of some vague, frightening, fake future. You need someone who will hold your proverbial hand as you take each step closer to joy. And just maybe, when someone asks you “How you are?” the word “Perfect” may just pop out.

“I needed help.  I was stuck, and too overwhelmed and depressed to do anything about it. Antonia listened carefully and with compassion. She validated my feelings without letting me wallow in them. In each of our coaching sessions, she guided me to think about what I wanted and needed. Antonia enabled me to see that I was not honoring the things that I claimed to value like adventure and spirituality.  Together we identified small actions that I could take toward realigning my life with my values. Antonia researched and pointed me to tools to help me address my challenges and supplied positive energy in all of our sessions.  This is what GREAT coaching looks like! Through our work together, Antonia truly has brought me BRIGHTER, BETTER DAYS!”

Liz C.
Essex County, NJ

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